Rate 3 Lighting Junction Kit

As and approved supplier of the full range of QLD DTMR Road Lighting Jointing Kits, we offer all application variants across Three Phase and Single Phase applications.

Stocked and kitted to DTMR specification as detailed in SD1624 and SD1625, we supply product across QLD and can manage very short lead times – providing our customers with peace of mind on quality, approved components and full technical support.

DescriptionLarge Dome
THREE Phase SD1625
Large Dome
SINGLE Phase SD1624
Small Dome
SINGLE Phase SD1624
Fused Jointi3S-3PAi3S-1PAi3S-SPA
Fused Joint with Tee-Offi3S-3BPi3S-1BPi3S-SPB
Tee-Off (no Fuse)i3S-3PCi3S-1PCi3S-SPC
Fused Joint with Bridge Tee-Offi3S-3PDi3S-1PDi3S-SPD
Fused Joint with Sub-Circuit Remote Connectioni3S-3PEi3S-1PEi3S-SPE
Fused Joint with Sub-Circuit Local Road Light Pole Connectioni3S-3PFi3S-1PF
Fused Joint Bridge Structurei3S-3PGi3S-1PGi3S-SPG
Product industry: Roads

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