Project Capabilities

Project Partnering

i3 infrasolutions is a specialist business within the MM Limited Group with the ability to source a diverse range of products on project scale and quality and manage the full logistics from factory to site.  As a part of this group our clients can benefit from the group’s large purchasing power to provide clients with cost effective product supply.


The i3 infrasolutions team excels in sourcing, designing, procuring or (where needed) manufacturing, any necessary components required for projects involving electrical cabling, fibre optic cable, or earthing systems within the infrastructure sector. With a keen understanding of the intricate requirements of such projects, the team leverages its extensive network of suppliers and manufacturing capabilities to procure or produce high-quality components tailored to each project’s specifications. Whether it’s sourcing specialised fittings, designing custom solutions, or manufacturing niche components, the team ensures that every aspect is meticulously addressed to meet the project’s exact needs. Through its comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence, i3 infrasolutions provides reliable and efficient execution, delivering solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards and client expectations.


The team at i3 infrasolutions possess a deep understanding of logistics, acknowledging its nuanced variations across different projects. Leveraging our nationwide partnerships, we support our clients in addressing their logistical requirements by sourcing project-specific goods efficiently using our extensive supplier network.

i3 infrasolutions is dedicated to fostering open, swift, and consistent communication with project stakeholders, whether on-site or in the office. Meticulously coordinating delivery of materials to synchronize with your schedule, with timely deliveries to the site. The team has a proactive approach and commitment to excellence, to ensure seamless project execution and client satisfaction every step of the way.  Being in a regional centre, the team are adept at arranging and coordinating freight to remote sites to ensure timely delivery.  An additional benefit of having storage facilities both in Brisbane and Townsville enable us to coordinate delivery specifically when required on site.

Our Network

i3 infrasolutions is part of the extensive MM Limited Australian branch network, and has established domestic and international supply partners.

We are able to source quality materials in the areas of energy, renewable energy, rail and road infrastructure, in bulk quantities, thereby delivering cost savings and availability of products for all projects. 

The combined turnover of the MM Limited group, of which i3 infrasolutions is a part, exceeds $4 billion per annum.

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